Customer Journey

Digital Customer Journey Primer: Key Strategies for Engagement and Retention

Antti Nivala
Customer Journey

Digital Customer Journey Primer: Key Strategies for Engagement and Retention

Antti Nivala
November 17, 2023


In today's fiercely competitive digital marketplace, capturing and retaining customer attention is paramount. At Costa Commerce, we understand that the battle for customer engagement extends beyond just offering superior products or services; it's about winning their time and share of wallet. This guide delves into the intricacies of managing digital customer journeys, a crucial aspect for any brand aspiring to not just attract, but also convert and retain loyal customers. We'll explore the essential steps and capabilities that guide brands from the initial point of awareness to building a lasting base of loyal customers.

Why you should manage customer journeys

In today’s digital landscape, brands compete against each other while trying to capture customers’ attention. However, their rivals aren't limited to similar products or services alone; they are also contending for customers’ time and share of wallet.

To stand out and capture the attention of future customers, brands must understand how to inspire and influence potential leads toward becoming loyal customers. The digital customer journey encompasses the essential steps and capabilities that guide brands in selling their products and services – from initial awareness to product comparisons with competitors, and from the point of purchase to building customer loyalty and advocacy.

From an internal perspective, you can not gain a competitive advantage by optimizing a single function or touchpoint to be your efficient island anymore. Instead, customer journeys need to be worked toward optimal flow, where the weakest links and bottlenecks can be noticed and reacted to swiftly.

In the digital realm, identifying your customer and communicating value consistently across multiple touchpoints at every step is critical. This ensures that consumers not only become customers but also remain loyal to your brand.

What is a Digital Customer Journey

The digital customer journey encompasses the actions taken before, during, and after the purchase of a product or service. Like any customer journey, it can be traditionally divided into five stages leading up to a customer making their first purchase:

  • Awareness: The journey begins with building awareness. Your business, service, or product must be noticeable to be acknowledged and eventually purchased. This stage heavily relies on marketing and branding to make your offerings discoverable to your target audience.

  • Consideration: During this stage, your product is compared with others through your website, reviews, or free trials. Customers shift their focus toward decision-making, where they weigh the qualities of your product or service against others in the market. While brand awareness remains important, the product or service's actual attributes have a more significant impact on customer behavior.

  • Purchase: At this stage, potential customers have narrowed down their options and are ready to make a purchase. During this phase of the funnel, clear communication about the product or service is crucial. Minor issues such as unclear calls to action, high shipping costs, or vague payment plans can significantly impact the conversion rate.

  • Interaction/Loyalty: After the purchase, it is vital to retain customers and encourage them to continue using your services or making further purchases. The quality of your product or service plays a crucial role in keeping customers loyal, and after-sales support can have a considerable impact on customer loyalty, even when the product or service functions as expected.

  • Promotion/Advocacy: If your business delivers exceptional results, satisfied customers should be identified and encouraged to promote your services and products to others. This phase not only generates repeat business but also attracts new customers, driving your sales forward.

Converting customers into loyal advocates who not only return for future purchases but also endorse your products to others requires significant effort.



In conclusion, the digital customer journey is a multifaceted process, encompassing everything from initial awareness to post-purchase advocacy. Each stage – Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Interaction/Loyalty, and Promotion/Advocacy – plays a vital role in not just acquiring a customer but also in building a lasting relationship. 

At Costa Commerce, we recognize the importance of these stages in creating a seamless customer experience. Read the next article, which provides a detailed guide on managing these customer journeys effectively, ensuring your brand not only attracts but also retains a loyal customer base.