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Assessing Unified eCommerce Opportunities for Museums

"Partnering with Costa's expertise combined with their industry knowledge, accelerated our journey toward understanding the possibilities of eCommerce. We greatly appreciate the valuable experience and guidance they brought to the table, providing us with a robust foundation for future digital business development."
Pekka Impiö
FMA Creations


FMA Creations, the company behind Museokortti, was looking into possibilities to renew the eCommerce capabilities for Finnish museums with eCommerce as a service model that could bring benefits of scale and help museums operate their digital sales more efficiently.

To proceed FMA Creations wanted to know what is the current state of digital sales and what are the future expectations.

Together we conducted thorough research where we discovered the possibilities and the potential for eCommerce as a service.


The majority of Finnish museums operate museum shops, offering various products and merchandise related to ongoing exhibitions, events, and guided tours. While some museums already engage in online sales, it's notable that the volumes, operational models, and resources vary significantly across establishments. Costa Commerce collaborated with FMA to assess the state of sales and explore the potential need and realistic demand for an eCommerce as a service solution.

The study unfolded in two stages. Initially, Costa's experts conducted interviews with museums of diverse backgrounds to gain insights into how online sales are currently managed, what products and services are being offered, what are the plans for online sales, and the perceived obstacles in developing these capabilities. The results from these interviews were analyzed and formed the foundation for subsequent quantitative interviews.

Quantitative interviews delved deeper into the backgrounds, operational models, and sales strategies of museums already involved in eCommerce. Additionally, they explored the perspectives, plans, visions, and inhibitions of museums that have physical museum shops but do not currently sell products or services online. The questionnaire garnered responses from a wide array of museums, varying in size, location, and ownership.


The culmination of this work resulted in a comprehensive final report, serving as a valuable resource to evaluate the business case and possibilities of implementing eCommerce as a service. The report provides insights into the most sold products and services, current sales volumes, desired features and integrations, and the plans for eCommerce development among the respondents. This information is critical for making informed decisions about the most feasible type of service, benefiting both museums already engaged in online sales and those yet to establish specific commerce sites for museums.

FMA Creations oy is the company behind the Museum card – Museokortti – which is the entrance ticket to more than 370 museums, exhibitions, and events in Finland. FMA creations operate the digital capabilities for Museum cards and develop them even further. Since its launch in 2015, Museum Card has had a huge positive impact in increasing the number of museum visits nationwide.

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