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Increasing business value with enhanced marketing automation

“My team and I are impressed with how quickly Costa got a grasp of our business, recognised immediate opportunities for improvement and also delivered. They both took the lead and integrated as part of our team to raise the bar on how we continuously develop and operate our marketing automation and CRM tools, keeping our customers and partners in the center.”
Maija Palosaari
Marketing Director
Visit Levi


We set out to get more value out of newly renewed marketing automation and CRM capabilities, for the benefit of customers, partners and internal users. The key CRM and marketing automation platform, Hubspot, had been set up initially before partnering with Costa, but it had not been really adopted into daily use across potential use cases.

The key to why Costa was chosen as a partner was to get from “How Hubspot is used” to “How Visit Levi uses Hubspot for business impact”.

Visit Levi serves multiple stakeholders with differing needs, which presented challenges to efficient management and utilization of the new CRM and marketing automation tools. The business is also highly seasonal. With these facts in mind, it required extra attention to bridge the gap between business goals and processes with technically feasible possibilities.


Our collaboration started with analyzing the current state of Marketing Automation setup and activities and taking a deep dive to concrete use cases by mapping out high-level customer journeys and various stakeholders.

On the customer-facing marketing and communications, we recognised the first experiments on personalized and automated journeys. At the same time, we started to map and prioritize internal processes that would make sense under to manage using the platform features.

Most of all, we set up common ways of working with a shared backlog, virtual war room and weekly meetings to bring focus to process and marketing development around the platform.



Over few weeks of collaboration we fixed the basic setup and implemented over ten new use cases. While these use cases deliver results as-is, they also serve as basic assets for further replication and scaling across other business areas as well.

Our collaboration is ongoing. As the next steps we intend to further increase the business value on both customer and partner-facing operations. Together, we validated a use case for enriching customer profiles to unlock highly personalised and automated journeys, which show results in revenue and profits, not just clicks.

Levi hosts 750 000 visitors annually, is the largest ski resort in Finland. Visit Levi is a tourism marketing and sales organization and the region’s biggest accommodation provider. Core business activities also include tourism advice and leading numerous development projects and events in the region.

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