Planning unique Digital Sales capabilities in B2B

“Digital sales is our top priority and we’ve been extremely satisfied to partner with Costa. Their multi-disciplinary team has been a real turnkey solution for getting clarity on how we can very concretely get started with our digital sales journey.”
Tanveer Sherzad


Túlka had grown substantially over the last years and started to face challenges with scaling – how to achieve the next growth spurt without increasing the employee count. One of the key challenges was that customer acquisition relied on the traditional high touch B2B sales model, which increased internal workload. This workload led to increased time to value for the end customer.

We wanted to combine customer and internal process perspectives and clarify the kind of digital sales approaches and capabilities would best fit Túlka. We set out to map a clear path to how we can start building a scalable digital sales solution. But instead of big bang renewals or cookie cutter solutions, we needed to find a unique solution which we can start building immediately.


We adopted a co-creation approach to address Túlka’s unique needs and start a journey toward answering why, how, and what to build. We involved Tulka’s relevant stakeholders in the ideation and simultaneously built buy-in in all functions throughout the customer journey – from Sales, Customer Success, and Service to Operations. We took a balanced approach in getting toward concrete solutions. We scrutinized assumptions and backed them up with data. At the same time, we did not paralyze ourselves in analysis, but concluded a simple solution that can be built within a reasonable time frame and investment.

Our collaboration kicked off by clarifying the business goals and target customers. Next, we interviewed end customers and conducted an online survey to create a shared understanding of current customer expectations and possible unmet needs. After mapping out the current state, we focused on how customer experience is created and affected by Túlka’s internal processes. Mapping out how the customer and internal processes are tied together and how they relate to existing systems and channels, we were able to pinpoint areas for improving the flow.

Key considerations were what measurable business goals can Túlka achieve with digital sales, what are the unmet customer needs, and how to reduce internal workload. In addition to the business and service design aspects, we considered technical feasibility and architectural perspectives – how Túlka can build the solution and how the solution should integrate with existing solutions. To address these holistically, we combined a multi-disciplinary project team consisting of a digital sales consultant, a service and UI designer, and a software architect.



Our work culminated in a transformative yet simple service flow, where the target digital sales process is optimal for user experience and internal process efficiency. We evaluated different technical approaches, from platforms to custom code, and found a logical place for building the solution. Additionally, we defined data flows between existing solutions and the new digital sales capabilities.

Together with Túlka, we bridged the gap between initial ideas to a place where we have a clear shared understanding of why, how, and what we should build. In addition to defining the minimum viable digital sales solution, we elaborated a roadmap based on business goals, where each stage gate unlocks additional iterations. Now Túlka is in a situation where they start building new digital sales capabilities based on a well-defined backlog, service design, and UI prototype.

Túlka is an interpretation services provider serving private businesses and government agencies. Túlka’s leading platform connects interpretation needs with native speakers in real-time, overcoming acute language barriers in industries such as healthcare and immigration services.

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