Transforming digital sales in the B2B service industry

“Tapping into Costa’s expertise was critical in accelerating our digital sales journey. It was essential to put all of the necessary pieces together and to get hands-on with a new solution. We’ve learned a lot throughout the journey!”
Kaarina Kaste
Digital Business Development Director


Barona had set ambitious goals for developing its digital sales capability with measurable objectives and combining modern, digital aspects with traditional face-to-face sales. Barona’s digital business team had already decided on a focus area of professional recruitment services as it had tremendous growth potential. 

Together we set out to discover and develop the business unit's digital sales capability and chart a path toward modern recruitment service sales.


We adopted a holistic mindset covering customer experience, business, technology, and process perspectives. First, interviews were set up with existing and potential customers to discover untapped opportunities and challenges within the industry and the domain. Discussions with internal stakeholders from business development, sales, and marketing revealed hidden potential in sales processes and challenges on how current technologies affect them. The current state research resulted in a 360° view that incorporates the customer phases, processes and needs with internal point-of-view, forming an end-to-end process. 

Based on the current state we mapped relevant opportunities and challenges. We expanded on them in an interactive workshop to form a joint situation picture, including competitor and industry benchmarks. Bringing all aspects together, we formed a target state of what can be achieved as a new digital sales solution concept in a given timeframe, coupled with a concrete backlog for implementation.


The project resulted in both short and long-term recommendations to drive digital sales forward. In the short term, we developed and refined a new digital sales concept grounded in the configure, price, and quote principle.

The concept gives buyers the necessary information upfront and for sellers higher quality leads that are further along in their buying process. From a customer journey perspective, the solution enables deeper customer engagement and builds trust earlier in the process.  

The long-term recommendations focus on improving overall digital sales maturity and include strategic plans to prepare products for effective digital channel deployment.

Barona is a leading workforce and HR services company based in Finland, offering a comprehensive range of solutions, including staffing, recruitment, outsourcing, and training services. Barona serves as a trusted partner for businesses and job seekers, delivering tailored workforce solutions and shaping the future of work.

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