About us

Costa Commerce is a digital sales agency improving your business with clear strategies, effective solutions, and impeccable operative expertise.

Costa x Bravedo family of problem solvers


Frequently asked questions

Don't have time to schedule a call? Don't worry, we've compiled all the important information on this nifty FAQ.

What makes Costa Commerce different?

Being business-oriented is Costa's foundation. Sure, we'll plan and build solutions for complex challenges but we take special care in ensuring it'll show in your bottom line. With Costa, you'll get measurable, concrete results.

What are your strengths?

Costa is a business-first digital sales agency. Our employees are  experienced, capable and insightful digital sales professionals. Whether the challenge is strategic or operative, technical or non-technical – Costa can help. Our diverse team both deep in-house and agency expertise, which covers capabilities needed to lead and operate commercial customer journeys.

Why should you choose Costa?

First and foremost, it is our passion to deliver tangible results in an understandable and actionable format. Our extensive expertise from the client-side gives us an insight into the inner workings of how companies operate and allows us to be truly customer-centric. Your success is our success.

Bravedo? What the heck is Bravedo?

A group of over 30 independent technology and service companies. Bravedo operates in 11 countries with combined revenue of 600 million euros. Bravedo is  a group of companies defined by bravery – with shared values, methods, and goals – whose skills complement each other.

Are you part of Sevendos?

Not as of now, but we work closely with Bravedo companies who are also part of Sevendos.