Strategic advisory services

At Costa, we believe that the heart of outstanding sales and marketing lies in truly understanding and prioritizing the customer. By integrating data, advanced analytics, flexible processes, and a commitment to continuous learning, our team of expert consultants guides businesses on towards sustained revenue growth.

How we support sales and
marketing teams

In today's fast-changing world, leaders face a landscape filled with complex challenges and exciting opportunities. Our goal is to help transform businesses in ways that drive sustainable growth.

The evolution of digital channels and eCommerce has changed how consumers behave and what they expect from modern digital services. We lead the way in helping businesses adapt their sales and marketing strategies, enabling them to better anticipate and meet customer needs.


10x ROI

Getting the most bang for your buck is what we're famous for. Our clients have seen up to 10x return on investment from their digital sales activities after starting a collaboration with Costa.

More revenue

Cash is king, and revenue keeps companies afloat which is what we strive to generate more of. Vanity metrics are a curseword for us, and we always aspire to generate tangible business results.

Happy customers

Satisfied customers are your biggest asset, creating loyalty and recurring revenue. We focus on being customer centric and finding solutions that produce meaningful and high quality customer experiences.

How we support marketing and
sales teams

It's crucial to find the right mix of innovative and traditional sales strategies to excel in digital business. We help our clients improve their sales and marketing strategies by adopting the latest trends in data-driven sales, technology, and innovative operational models.


In the dynamic world of digital commerce, success requires a multifaceted approach. At Costa Commerce, we combine digital expertise with strategic insights to propel your business forward. Our strategy is not about technology; it's about crafting a harmonious plan where every element aligns with your business goals.

Key Elements of Our Strategy:

Vision and Goal Setting
: We start by defining a clear vision and setting achievable goals, aligning every effort with your business's core objectives.

Skilled and Empowered Teams: We build and train high-performing eCommerce teams, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to excel.

Roadmapping: Our strategic roadmaps guide your journey from where you are to where you want to be, with clear milestones and objectives.

Demand Generation and Customer Acquisition: We develop targeted projects and plans to attract and convert new customers, driving growth and market presence.

Customer Journey Mapping and Personalization: By understanding and mapping the customer journey, we tailor experiences to individual needs, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Omnichannel Strategy: We ensure a seamless experience across all customer touchpoints, integrating multiple channels for a cohesive brand presence.

Customer Engagement Plan: Our strategies engage customers continually, fostering lasting relationships and brand advocacy.

Innovative Digital Processes and Technology Utilization: Adopting new workflows and leveraging the latest technology keeps you ahead of the curve.

Data-Driven Insights: We use data to learn and adapt, ensuring continuous improvement in your eCommerce efforts.

Our approach is tailored to your unique digital experience needs. Whether you're enhancing existing platforms or starting anew, our comprehensive strategy ensures customized, effective solutions. 

Sales channel strategy

To develop a solid sales channel strategy, companies need to think differently about how they work with and motivate their partners. Costa assists clients in putting the right components in place for their sales channels to expand and succeed.

Customers are quickly changing the way they discover and buy products. Mergers are bringing channel players together. New tech gives distributors and resellers more options in what they sell. At Costa, our experts guide clients through these big changes, help them decide when indirect selling works best, and fine-tune their channel strategies.

Costa's approach to optimizing sales channels

To excel in digital sales channels, companies should follow these five key principles:

1. Establish roles: Diversifying and expanding sales channels can exponentially increase sales, but each channel must have a clear objective and role within company's sales strategy.

2. Optimize Incentives: Use a variety of rewards to boost partner performance and align them with your objectives.

3. Modernize Relationships with Partners: Make the channel's role clear, cut down on unnecessary bureaucracy, and work together to increase sales.

4. Set Partners Up for Success: Get them excited about your brand through training, simple pricing, and easy-to-sell solutions.

5. Provide the Right Support Level: Balance independence with available help when needed.

Supporting sales channel transformations

Our approach to revamping sales channel strategies and effectiveness can make a big difference in just 2-3 months. Our targeted actions include:

- Finding Improvement Opportunities: We look for hidden chances to make the sales channel model more efficient and effective. Addressing key strategic, operational, and organizational issues can help businesses succeed even in tough times.

- Generating Tremendous Value: With companies spending a lot on sales, better sales channel management can lead to more revenue and free up resources for other value-adding activities.

- Optimizing Sales Efforts: Since sales are closely linked with other areas like marketing and services, real transformation requires changes in behavior across the organization. Simplifying processes can drive significant growth.

Digital sales

The new era of sales combines analytics, digital tools, agile methods, and expertise to create effective and cost-efficient market strategies. At Costa, we empower clients to fully embrace the capabilities of digital sales.

Businesses today are encountering an increasing number of digital ways to connect with customers, opening doors to audiences that traditional methods couldn't reach. To meet changing consumer demands and stay competitive, companies need to upgrade to a contemporary sales approach. This means evolving from old sales methods to becoming masters of omnichannel sales.

Costa's approach to digital sales

Our approach to transforming digital sales is based on five key principles:

1. Understanding the Customer Journey: Use digital tools, leverage analytics, and understand online behavior to clearly see the customer's path.

2. Optimizing Sales Processes: Integrate marketing and sales with digital methods, like inbound marketing and personalized, data-driven offers.

3. Improving Individual Sales Channels: Develop effective channels using a tech-savvy sales force, AI-enhanced call centers, and data-focused inside sales.

4. Integrating Channels: Coordinate online and offline channels with advanced sales management, shared goals, and a real-time overview.

5. Implementing Sales Enablers: Ensure crucial supports are in place, like a centralized demand center, advanced analytics, and the right team culture and talent.

Working with digital sales clients

Our digital sales experts work hands-on with sales teams to review current digital sales methods, find new opportunities, and set up a data-based sales strategy. With this analysis, we help your teams to quickly test new ideas in the market and then expand them rapidly.

We bring extensive experience in digital sales and marketing, plus expertise in digital innovation, analytics & data, and technology. This allows us to plan comprehensive solutions that combine a sales strategy rooted in data with the latest technological solutions.

Boosting digital sales with AI

Some businesses think they don't have enough data for AI in sales, or they should focus on basics first, but that's not true. Our approach uses the data you have, along with relevant use cases, to use AI effectively.

Digital marketing

In a world where consumer needs and expectations are constantly changing, digital marketing teams must quickly adapt to these shifts. Costa helps businesses develop both the human skills and technical know-how needed for rapid, accurate, and sustainable growth.

Digital channels have become crucial in both social and economic realms. This shift has sped up in recent years, as more consumers turned to online platforms, making digital capabilities key to business continuity. Consequently, leaders are increasingly challenged to enhance their digital marketing strategies and capabilities.

The secret to success lies in being future proof, combining the right mix of human skills and technical tools: the abilities, processes, marketing analytics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and operational methods that drive value and growth. While creating an ideal digital marketing framework may seem daunting, it's definitely achievable.

How we work with digital marketing clients

We use a comprehensive approach to help businesses identify, develop, and implement key components for a digital marketing transformation. Our digital marketing experts collaborate with clients to set goals and create an agile, integrated, and sustainable digital marketing framework to meet them. Our expertise spans strategy, technology,  optimization, and operational models.

Digital marketing strategy

Mastering effective digital marketing involves reaching the right customer with the right message and via the right channel. This involves addressing challenging questions about customer insight, creative approach, targeting, and leveraging the correct digital marketing tools. We assist companies in finding these answers and developing a complete digital marketing strategy.

Marketing technology

Navigating the vast array of technical tools can be overwhelming. We guide companies in selecting tools that enhance their capabilities most effectively, advising to find the most suitable approach. We ensure that their marketing technology is efficient and cost-effective.

First-party data

Businesses today collect vast amounts of direct customer data, such as transaction histories and online behaviors. This data revolution enables more personalized marketing but requires responsible and innovative use. Our consultants, along with Costa's diverse team of specialists, help clients develop the necessary frameworks to effectively collect, analyze, and utilize first-party data, creating trust and value.

Vendor evaluation

With countless providers in the marketing technology space, selecting the right partners can be challenging. We act as a bridge between clients and vendors, constantly assessing the market to recommend the best choices.

Acceleration and optimization

In response to rapidly changing customer behavior, we help businesses develop processes and ways of working that enable quick adaptation and responsiveness. We introduce a test-and-learn approach to marketing, allowing businesses to integrate feedback and make swift changes, while fostering an agile mindset.

Foundation for growth

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field. We lay the groundwork for continuous improvement by developing platforms, skills, and governance that support marketing personalization and data-driven strategies. We also implement top-tier measurement tools so leaders can evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives and know where to focus for the best returns.


In today’s market, providing personalized customer experiences is essential, and it's about more than just data and algorithms. Costa assists companies in crafting strategies and capabilities to quickly create value and make a lasting impact.

Businesses excelling in personalization can see their growth rates jump by 6% to 10%. Offering the right experience through the right channel at the right time not only improves marketing efficiency but also boosts digital sales and strengthens customer relationships. However, many companies haven’t fully harnessed the power of one-to-one marketing.

We see personalization as a journey that impacts every aspect of customer interaction. We guide companies in forming a clear vision for their goals. More importantly, we help them embark on a path that brings immediate value while developing the skills to continue their progress independently.

Costa’s approach to personalization

Our approach to personalization focuses on creating value and empowering businesses. We pinpoint how one-to-one marketing and sales can enhance customer experiences and implement practical examples, allowing companies to build lasting, self-sufficient capabilities.

Our philosophy is to think big, start small, and scale up quickly, achieving early successes to support ongoing efforts. We bring comprehensive expertise in data, personalization strategies, analytics, technology, and change management to support this process.

Our assistance covers four critical aspects of digital personalization:

1. Personalization Strategy: We help define how personalized marketing can benefit both customers and the business. Our consultants evaluate customer journey challenges and opportunities, select the most promising approaches, and plan how to integrate personalized marketing across various channels.

2. Data and Analytics: We assist businesses in leveraging data for value creation, from improving access and insights to applying advanced predictive algorithms for personalized marketing, including AI-based recommendations. Our aim is to develop capabilities in areas like artificial intelligence and data governance for highly tailored customer experiences.

3. Technology and Deployment: Successful personalization relies on scalable technology platforms. We've developed state-of-the-art tools and capabilities that allow easy integration into existing technology infrastructures and enable quick, effective implementation of personalization initiatives.

4. Ways of Working: Personalized marketing success follows the 10/20/70 rule: 10% about algorithms, 20% about technology, and 70% about business transformation. We help companies form agile teams, embrace a test-and-learn culture, and develop metrics and processes for innovation and scaling successful strategies with accuracy and results.

Marketing function excellence

Costa specializes in enhancing marketing effectiveness and efficiency, helping companies significantly improve their return on investment, sometimes even doubling it.

Marketing roles have become more diverse and complex. Traditional skills like creativity, brand building, and understanding customer needs are still vital. However, with the increase in data sources, achieving marketing excellence now requires a blend of creativity as well as technical and analytical skills.

With the fast emergence of new digital channels and tools, understanding how to integrate and use them effectively is crucial. Also, the marketing operating model needs to be flexible to adapt to changing conditions. Our team of marketing experts is here to guide businesses into the future of marketing and lead in today's omnichannel market.

How we support marketing function excellence

We assist clients in strengthening their marketing skills across their organization. Our consulting team focuses on four main areas:

1. Measuring and Improving Marketing Performance: We help clients define key marketing metrics, use analytics to evaluate their performance, and turn those insights into real-world results.

2. Mastering Digital and Data-Driven Marketing: We guide clients in developing top-tier digital marketing capabilities, identifying and prioritizing digital opportunities, and enhancing digital marketing effectiveness throughout the entire marketing process.

3. Optimizing Relationships with Partners: Marketers often work with many third-party service providers, including agencies and technology vendors. We ensure our clients get the best deals, strong outcomes, and high team satisfaction from these partnerships.

4. Optimizing the Marketing Organization: For true marketing excellence, it's crucial to align marketing strategies with the overall business goals, establish effective governance, develop necessary skills (like digital media and content creation), improve marketing operations, and cultivate a culture that values innovation and agility.

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