Founder Story

Founder Story: Antton Ikola

Antton Ikola
Founder Story

Founder Story: Antton Ikola

Antton Ikola
December 7, 2022
Antton joins Costa Commerce as one of the four co-founders, bringing both strategic and hands-on skills to drive growth for digital business. He has previously worked at digital sales consultancy Columbia Road, planning and delivering elegant solutions in ecommerce, marketing technologies and customer data platforms.

Antton, tell us a bit about your ambitions and experience

“I'm a digital growth consultant with strong analytical skills. I know what it takes to grow in the digital space and how to build the right capabilities without any issues, whether it’s about something new or continuously delivering value. In addition to being very hands-on with CRM and Martech in general, I've led cross-functional teams of developers, data engineers, designers, and martech professionals. For me it’s all about learning constantly, whether it’s the customer behavior, efficient collaboration or utilizing the tech. Most of all, I am always happy to help people around me.“

Where did it all start?

“My passion for digital commerce began already in my teenage years, when I tapped into a small market niche and sold 90s sunglasses on a Finnish rap forum. Through this small venture, I made my first thousand euros and learned the value of new digital channels as well as an entrepreneurial mind-set.”

“When I joined my previous employer, Columbia Road, in the beginning of 2017, I got to jump to the deep end, delivering on both continuous digital growth and elegant commercial solutions to various clients. Through this, I got to develop my expertise in digital commerce and learn from some of the best performing companies in the industry.”

"What we value in Antton is the holistic profile of a digital commerce consultant. It is rare to find someone who has both a deep understanding of business and technology and can analyze them separately and together in order to create actionable plans. Antton always puts the needs of our clients first, recommending solutions that best fit their unique needs and align with their investment expectations, whether we are discussing specific platform ecosystems or custom code."

- Antti 

So Antton, why Costa Commerce?

“Digital Commerce has historically had way too much focus on technology, and too little on people. Technology decisions are still complex to make for optimal total cost of ownership, but once you have a clear idea, ramping up the tech capabilities is much easier, compared to what it was a few years ago. It’s the digital sales skills gap that holds us back nowadays.” 

“With the Costa team, I wanted to start something on my own, where we can support clients in making the balanced decision. It’s all about proactive idea generation and fast reactions to changes in the market and customers. Making sure you have the right team to help you in the journey to growth is a continuing effort.”

“Antton is a digital sales professional you can rely on to get things done right and on time. He has exceptional skills to dig into different business contexts, define what needs to be done, and also, deliver solutions that create business impact. He is a pleasure to work with, as he drives clients’ digital business forward with high energy and motivation!” 

Katariina Aaltonen

Antton’s prior customer

What should people do, if they want to get in touch with you?

“I’ll be happy to help out and connect over various topics, whether it’s sparring in a business context or mentoring on how to upskill oneself. Just shoot a message over at LinkedIn, in case you get curious!”