Founder Story

Founder story: Joni Tillström

Joni Tillström
Founder Story

Founder story: Joni Tillström

Joni Tillström
December 1, 2022
Joni is one of Costa Commerce's four co-founders, bringing strategic insight and concrete, hands-on expertise to drive growth for digital businesses. He has previously worked at Finnair, Fortum, Dagmar, and most recently as the Head of Growth at Ambine.

Joni, tell us a bit about your ambitions and experience

“I'm an experienced digital commerce professional with a focus on improving companies' performance through holistic planning, innovative solutions, and impeccable execution. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both strategic and hands-on work, including executing omnichannel digital marketing activities, creating expansive digital commerce strategies, launching and scaling up technology companies, and running commercial teams and operations. As a lifelong learner – I'm always looking for new ways to help businesses succeed in digital commerce.”

Where did it all begin with you and digital commerce?

“For me, it all started back in my university exchange years in Berlin. took a course on digital marketing by a visiting professor from the United States, and got really excited about the prospect  of combining behavioral science, business, and technology as a potential career path.” 

“It all came to fruition a few years later when I got the chance to work with a big telecom client as a relatively junior planner at Dagmar, planning, optimizing, and delivering tangible business results through their digital marketing campaigns. Working on both sides of the table (agency- and client-side) has given me a unique point-of-view on how to collaborate towards achieving common goals.” 

“Joni has experience with both enterprises and scale-ups, and also working in an international environment. Back when we were both working at Finnair, Joni was in charge of over ten key markets, managing the digital marketing efforts from planning, tech to concrete implementations. Working with multiple stakeholders and vendors, while keeping focus on growth was in no way an easy task, but Joni pulled it off with grace.”


So Joni, why Costa Commerce?

“For me, hopping aboard as a partner at Costa is like returning to my professional home. Digital commerce has gone through major changes and there are lots of ambitious companies in the market. Still, many of them are struggling to establish a solid foundation for creating sustainable growth. That’s where I – and we as a team – come in to help.”

"Joni is one of the top experts in digital marketing & eCommerce in the country, with the ability to tackle even the most complex challenges. An innovative and trustworthy teammate that I truly enjoyed working with."

Sakari Forslund

Joni's prior colleague

Alright, toughest one last: What do you bring to the table for your clients?

“As a consultant, my primary task is to deliver additional value,  See and think outside the box, bring in a fresh perspective, challenge the status quo, and empower my clients to be the best they can possibly be.

I'm an analytical, strategic thinker with a firm grip on the realities of operative digital commerce. Combined with my extensive experience, I can bring clarity, structure, and innovative solutions to complex business problems. Whether your challenges are in acquiring new customers efficiently, using data to your advantage, or building deep and meaningful customer relationships – I can help."

What should people do, if they want to get in touch with you?

“If you want to discuss a project opportunity, need to temporarily strengthen your team or if you're looking for an objective, insightful advisor – my small LinkedIn status blob is practically always green, so make your way to my profile, send a message, and let’s go from there!

If you want to keep it a bit more formal,
you can book a meeting directly from my calendar.